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Preparing for your Pre-wedding Hair Trial

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Planning how you would like to look on your wedding day is just as important and exciting as planning the event itself... Finding inspiration is easy enough thanks to social media such as Instagram, Pinterest and many more, but what about those niggly little questions such as: 'How many days before the wedding should I wash my hair'? or 'Updo, down do, half and half?' the options are endless so before you make your decision here are a few factors to consider when choosing your #weddingday #hairstyle.

Have you said yes to the dress? As I mentioned in my prebvious blog "Spring is offically here" when choosing your hairstyle, consider the style and shape of the dress; particularly the neckline – if you’ve just spent the most money you are ever likely to spend on one outfit you quite rightly want to show it off.

  • What time of year are you getting married?

Different hair types can react very differently in certain weather conditions.

  • Hair length, condition, quantity and texture all play a part in the hairstyle considerations.

  • Hair accessories... Do you like the idea of wearing fresh flowers in your hair or perhaps a simple delicate jewel to accompany a romantic veil?

  • The height of your Husband to be; Many ladies smile when I ask how tall is the Groom..? This is an important factor to consider when choosing a hairstyle with height.

Hairstyle by Natalie Donohue at The Hairbook
Photography by Richard Watkins Photography

So... Why book a pre wedding hair trial? I always feel this is the most fundermental part of the service that The Hairbook provides. It gives you and I the opportunity to get to knowone another, feel comfortable with each other and for me to learn your hair type and gain an understanding of your likes and most importantly your dislikes.

Quite often I have brides visit me who just don't know what they want and this is okay.... on occasion it is more helpful for me to know what you don’t like; Do you prefer tight barrel curls or soft Hollywood waves? Sleek and neat or soft and unstructured? These are all clues that will help me create you the perfect wedding day hairstyle just for you.

Although time costs, allowing enough time to choose your perfect hairstyle for your special day is vital. Many brides come to me with a style in mind, thinking it will only take an hour. However, allowing time for hair preperation is key and once your style has been created it may not be what you had been expecting. My Pre-wedding trials take up to 3 hours long.

Top six Pre Wedding Trial tips

Prep your hair - I always recommend my brides to wash and dry their hair the night before their Pre-Wedding Trial and this also applies to the wedding day, preferably without using oils or weighty products.

Try to avoid shampoos with silicones, they weigh the hair down and can cause buildup within the hair which prevents any nutrients from penetrating in, so those expensive hair masks that you may have treated yourself too will be wasted.

If you find your hair is prone to being flyaway, pop a small amount of mousse in to tame those ends but do ensure you dry it well to prevent the dreaded crunchy feeling. If you need to eliminate frizz, feel free to run the straightening irons over - just remember to use an good heat protector..!

Inspiration - Bring along your photo inspiration - Google, Pinterest and wedding magazines are a fantastic source and you can create your own little mood boards. However, its good to be mindful that most pictures are only of one angle i.e the back or side of the head/hairstyle. It's also a benefit to remember that most of these pictures are of models standing still either in a studio or at a venue; keeping cool, no movement or guests hugging them therefore, it is important that you consider a style that not only looks good but is practical.

Be open minded - You may already have a style in mind but once created feel it isn't quite what you expected. It could be that we just need to simply change where you wear your parting or add a little more height to the crown area. Or perhaps add a side fringe or a few clip-in hair extensions to add lenghth or volumne which will enhance any bridal hairstyle. Hair extensions are also a fabulous way of temporarily adding colour and definition withour chemically damaging the hair.

Makeup - On your wedding day you will be dressed up to the nines and looking glamourous, even if you are choosing to wear subtle natural makeup. Therefore, if you are not generally used to wearing makeup on a daily basis, on the day of your Pre Wedding hair Trial pop a little on or apply a slightly heavier amount than you normally would as it helps with the overal finished look.

Accessories - If you have already bought your hair jewellery or wedding veil, bring them along... these will completely transform your hairstyle and add clarity. If you are still unsure whether to wear any hair accessories I have a selection of wedding veils from the fabulous The Wedding Veil Shop along with some beautiful hair jewellery that you are welcome to try..

What to wear - I would definitely recommend you wear a light (cream or white) coloured top, perhaps something off the shoulder or with thin straps - most definitely not a chunky high roll neck jumper.

Front cover photo was taken by Nicky Callis Pgotography.

Hairstyle by Natalie Donohue - The Hairbook

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Anthony Walton
Anthony Walton
Jul 16, 2022

It's so cool for weddings

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