Wedding Hair Services


Pre-Wedding Trial

This is the most fundamental part of the service that I provide and results in you having the perfect day. It is essential for me to understand your likes and dislikes to enable me to create the right unique style for you. 

Pre-Wedding Trials take place at my Bridal Hair Studio in Wootton, Northampton.

For the bride I offer a 2 1/2 - 3 hour appointment.

Together, we discuss your ideas, the style of your dress and how you would like to look on your special day.  We then try out a few of your favourites to see what suits you best.  The final decision is yours and we work together to find it.


Short hair or long hair; you may feel that your hair isn't long or thick enough for the styles that you like.  Don't worry... you'll be suprised at what hair can do and I have lots of tricks to help acheive the right look for you.

You are welcome to invite friends, perhaps your bridesmids or a family member along to your trial as it is always nice to receive a second opinion and support.  This is also a good opportunity for me to meet your bridesmaids and discuss their hair requirements and arrange a trial should they wish.

For bridesmaids or additional guests hair trials, please allow one hour. 


From here I will calculate the cost of my services and will proceed with creating a plan of action.

Pre-wedding trials take place Monday - Friday between 09;45am - 4pm, 

Click here for my 2022 and 2023 pricing structure.

If you have any queries, special requirements or would like to book a Pre-Wedding Trial please get in touch by clicking on the 'Contact' button below.


Preparation Plan

Having an action plan is crucial when it comes to ensuring your day flows without and hicups.  The last thing you need is to feel rushed before you walk down the aisle, therefore, regardless as to whether is am just doing the brides hair or the whole bridal party it is essential that I allow enought time for everyone. 


Along with spending time with your make-up artise it is also important to factor in time for breakfast, sipping champagne, photography and of course slipping into your beautiful gown. 


Your Wedding Dy

Although we will already know from your Pre-Wedding Trial the look you are going for, I like to allocate at lease two hours to dress my brides hair on the morning of her wedding day. This doesn't have to be in one block and obviously depends on the chosen style and length of hair.

My services also include assisting you into your gowns, lacing / buttoning your dresses, helping Dad's with button hole flowers and cravats and any other help I can assist you and your party with.  I stay with you until you are ready to leave to walk down the asile to add any final last minute touches and fit your wedding veil.


Mother of the Bride / Groom

Mums also like to be pampered, after all it is their special day too!  Depending on her chosen style, I like to allocate between 45 minutes to one hour to dress out her hair.


The Bridal Party

The Bridesmaids hairstyles are not always as intricate as the Bride's.  However, I still allocate at least 45 minutes to one hour for each Bridesmaid, depending on the chosen style and length of hair.
Depending on age, Flower Girls do not always take as long but it is still important for them to feel special...
I allocate up to half an hour for each Flower Girl.