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Wedding Hair Education 
Training Workshops

Update your styling skills with an award winning wedding hair stylist

I completely empathise with the overwhelming feeling of being handed a picture by a bride and being expected to recreate a stunning wedding hairstyle in a short amount of time. I have personally experienced the pressure and challenges that come with this responsibility. This is why my workshops are specifically designed to help hairstylists master the fundamentals of hair preparation and learn my secrets to effortlessly recreating beautiful wedding hairstyles for brides.
We delve into the art of hair preparation, and styling techniques to create a solid foundation for any desired hairstyle.



I encourage hairstylists to practice and refine their techniques - Hands-on practice sessions allow you to gain confidence in recreating different wedding hairstyles and receive personalised feedback and guidance from me. This ensures that you at the end of the workshop you leave feeling equipped with the skills and knowledge to confidently recreate beautiful wedding hairstyles

Clean texture low bun_edited.jpg

Spotlight 1:1 Workshop
The basic principles of hair preparation

Understanding the importance of a well-prepared hair is crucial when achieving long-lasting and stunning results.

At the end of this workshop, you leave feeling equipped with the skills and knowledge to confidently start creating beautiful long-lasting wedding hairstyles.

Textured Boho half up.jpg

Signature Boho styling workshop

Rustic outdoor and farm/barn weddings have become increasingly popular with couples when tying the knot. Embracing the bohemian wedding vibes, I have created a workshop where I will share my secrets to creating four of my signature on trend, boho wedding hairstyles which complement the rustic wedding themes perfectly.

Hollywood Waves_edited_edited.jpg

Hollywood Waves Workshop

The Hollywood wave bridal hairstyle is indeed a timeless classic that appears effortlessly glamorous.  However, behind that effortless appearance there is effort involved and requires skill, practice, and dedication.

By attending this workshop, I will share my secrets to creating the beautiful, vintage inspired look.

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